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The idea for Gizmo Fitness LLC was born during the COVID pandemic of 2020. Personal health is the single most important investment a person can make and it doesn't have to be complicated. As a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, my goal is to help provide the tools, knowledge, and motivation needed to help people start living their best, healthiest life.

I guess with the name Duane Johnson, being passionate and knowledgable about health and fitness is a natural fit. My deep rooted passion for health and fitness started from a pretty early age. As a boy I used to sneak into my dad's workout shed in the backyard, not having any clue on what I was doing, and lift weights thinking I was going to become big and strong like all of the bodybuilders I saw on TV. Well, like most people throughout life, my personal goals changed and evolved; however, through all of the changes, my passion for living a healthy and functional life never waned.


I have been fortunate in my life to have had the opportunity to experience a myriad of training programs; from my days training for and playing collegiate basketball, working out in CrossFit style and HITT style gyms, big box gyms filled with bodybuilders, using cookie cutter workout programs, and finally to my own personal Garage Gym. Throughout these experiences, I have learned that there is no absolute perfect way to train; no 1 size fits all type of training. Each person, depending on their goals and their current stages of life, could all benefit from a training program tailored to them. A training program that will not only help them reach their goals now but will also help provide the longevity of training so that people can maintain their goals for the long run.

A second passion in my life is animals. As you can tell by my logo, I have a special place in my heart for Gizmo, the first dog I raised as an adult and one of the best workout partners ever (along with his brother London). One of the many things Gizmo (and London) taught me was how to be selfless and be passionate about taking care of other people (and animals). While Gizmo may no longer be with us, his ferocious, loving bulldog spirit will continue to live on through me and through this company each and every day.



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