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Putting the Personal Back in Personal Training

Specialized Coaching. Individual Consultation and Accountability. 

Are you ready to get serious about your health? Have you struggled with consistency and staying on track? Have you paid for personal workout programs and felt like you aren't the priority you should be? You aren't alone!

The fitness industry has become all about the quick fix and unreasonable expectations: "Sign up for this program and you can look like all the IG models in 20 days!" So you sign up only to be given a cookie cutter workout program and a coach that is barely reachable when you need them. I fell into those same traps over and over again. 

At Gizmo Fitness, our mission is to change that by personally working with you every step of your journey. From nutrition guidance, to custom workout plans tailored to your goals and abilities, to daily/weekly accountability when you need it; we are here to give you the tools and help guide you to becoming a better version of yourself. With free consultations and sample programming available, stop waiting around, take charge of your future and become the version of you that you've always wanted it to be!

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